Rabbit’s Foot Meadery produces award winning mead - honey wine, Cysers (hard apple & honey ciders)  and our famous braggot. Our recipes and methods have been perfected over a period of more than fifteen years and combine the latest in fermentation technology with historical recipes to create unique mead - honey wine in a style that is like no other. All of our mead, cysers, dessert mead and braggots (honey ales,) are produced using the finest honey available.

Our braggots are styled after many traditional ales but with a major twist - there is lots of honey added during fermentation. Sometimes up to 50% of the fermentable sugar. In many cases while they are modeled after more traditional styles, they are unique and stand on their own. Typically lower in hop aroma and bitterness to allow the honey to shine they are still quite enjoyable.

Our meads include our signature ‘Melia’, an exceptional dessert mead produced from a single bloom of orange blossom honey. Our Apple Cyser, a hard apple and honey cider our classic dry mead and our sweet Wildflower honey mead.

We are also proud to be the first and original producer in the world to make a strong mead similar to port, our Grand Reserve, “The Mead of Poetry”, which makes the perfect after-dinner drink.  Aged in oak for as long as seven years and hopefully up to ten and fifteen years there is nothing like it.

All of our products have received numerous awards both nationally as well as internationally.

Whichever product you choose our commitment to you is to use only the finest honey from around the world, pure water, and the proper yeast to create our ‘Classic Mead’.

If you are looking for information about mead, honey wine or are looking for details on how to make mead we would love to hear from you so send us an email. We are available to discuss mead and other historical alcoholic beverages too. Just drop us an email. You can always join the mead lovers digest to get more information from a great bunch of home mead makers.

Please check out our Facebook or Yelp pages for opening times as they vary by season.

Contact us at the Meadery at 408-747-0770 for more details.